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Do You Kazoo!

What is Kazoo? Kazoo is a financial planning Membership designed to provide you with affordable, broad access to financial planning professionals.

Who is Kazoo for? Kazoo is designed for individuals and families who may be starting on their path toward financial sustainability and need an assist along the way from a financial professional. It is one of several ways to collaborate with Lenity Financial toward your personal financial success! As your needs grow, Lenity Financial has the services and experience to meet you where you are.

How does Kazoo work? Kazoo is a Monthly Membership that begins with a 90 minute “Get to Know You” session plus a 20 minute discussion each month as needed up to 240 minutes annually. Additionally, education and advice is the goal for our Kazoo Members and we provide educational video and email content along the way to help support your knowledge growth. Our goal is to provide content that is easy to digest and quick to read for our busy, on the go Members.

Why Lenity? Lenity is a Fiduciary and Fee-Only Advisor. You have the benefit of our combined over 40 years of experience providing financial solutions. We are a Certified Financial Planner™ (CFP®️), Certified Investment Management Analyst®️ (CIMA®️), a Member of the Financial Planning Association (FPA®️), the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA®️), and the Investments & Wealth Institute®️.

What is the cost? The Fee for our initial 90 minute “Get to Know You” session is $300 and the monthly membership is $35, combined this is your Kazoo Membership. At Lenity, we meet you where you are and provide additional options for services. Please see our Firm Brochure (link below) for details of our services and fees. Our Firm Brochure is your official resource to all Lenity Financial, Inc. products and services. https://adviserinfo.sec.gov/IAPD/Content/Common/crd_iapd_Brochure.aspx?BRCHR_VRSN_ID=544862

Why Kazoo? We celebrate when you sign up to become a member of Kazoo! Why? Because at Lenity your success is our mission! Now you don’t have to go it alone. 

Kazoo members are covered by a written agreement detailing the terms of service and the requirements of Members and Lenity Financial.

Please email us at info@lenityfinancial.com or go to our “Let’s Talk” page directly from our Lenity home page and contact us from there for more information.