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Press Release – Lenity Financial Celebrates Second Anniversary Helping Clients Envision Their Financial Lives

(Geneva, Ill)—August 1, 2018— With a combined total of 40 years’ experience, Mark and Lisa Bova took the future into their own hands by starting Lenity Financial, which will be celebrating its second year in business. They were both passionate about their careers in financial management but had a vision for a fee-only venture that could offer clients personal and customized financial solutions. Lisa and Mark focus on educating their clients along the way so they can make more sound financial decisions for a financially sustainable lifestyle.

They made it their mission two years ago to help clients recognize a different way to approach and improve their financial lives. “Instead of giving people the fish, we are teaching them how to fish,” Mark said. “The educational component that we provide is customized to the client.”

There is a growing need for people to take on personalized financial planning. “People entering the workforce today are far more likely to be responsible for their financial future as opposed to decades ago when it was less unusual for an employee to have something like a pension plan,” Mark said.

There is a silver lining to this. There are so many options and smart choices that can really allow people to reach their specific financial goals. Lisa and Mark work with families to spread out the big picture. They explore options for college tuition, health care, home and other big investments. They help a growing population navigate their aging parents’ needs as well as their own. They understand that people have changing needs and don’t just touch base with clients once a year. They commit to helping  clients reach their aspirations amidst shifting life circumstances.

With this goal in mind, last year, the couple created the Lenity Journal—a tool to further aid their clientele. This unique journal, which Mark describes as a natural extension of the company’s services, inspires their clients to dig in and ask themselves some big questions. Through a series of engaging exercises, the client explores and defines their wishes for legacy planning.

At the heart of their business is the meaning of the word “lenity.” It’s kindness. And as astute as Mark and Lisa are, they abide by the belief that people should be kind to each other and make sure to be kind to themselves as well.

So, it’s no wonder that Lenity Financial has grown largely through referrals. Two years ago, they started out with a handful of clients who have told others about Lenity. As Lisa says, “We enjoy working with our clients, and we are pleased to know that they send others to us. We’ve been very thankful.”