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“Legacy” is More

This simple word, legacy, often sets us off to thinking about the end. In other words, death. The problem with that is–who really wants to think about death when there’s so much life (we hope anyway) to live?

Usually, the word legacy is used when thinking of estate planning, charitable giving, and the tangibles you plan to leave to your loved ones. Although these things are important aspects of legacy planning, we’ve learned that legacy is much more.

So what’s the more?

Who has impacted you? Think about someone in your life who has impacted you in a way that resonates with you nearly every day. Someone who has inspired you or given you a part of “who you are” because of how they have shared. It may be someone who has impacted you either by what they’ve said or what they’ve done or someone who you watched carefully and were inspired by. This person–whoever they are–has left you a legacy.

How have you impacted others? Who have you inspired or simply interacted with in your life? How might you have left your legacy already? What might they be learning by watching your daily interactions with others? In part, the “more” in legacy is your imprint on your family, and even beyond your family, every person with whom you interact meaningfully.

It’s your personal journey. Once you begin to see legacy as your personal journey in life and not just what’s left in your estate, you can then create a plan for your legacy that has a deeper meaning–for you as well as for the recipients of your legacy.

If you take the time today and reflect on where you’ve been, who you’ve been inspired or molded by and who you may have inspired or impacted, you will begin one step in the right direction toward creating a deeper meaning for your legacy.

Taking time to reflect and write or journal is an important component to assist you in achieving your goals: your legacy. Journaling has been done for centuries by  famous achievers such as George S. Patton, Thomas Jefferson, George Lucas, Charles Darwin, John D. Rockefeller, Thomas Edison, Peter Jennings, and of course Oprah and her famous “Gratitude Journal” among others.

We believe the path for not only your “Legacy” plan but also your “Life” plan can easily be identified for you through the simplicity of journaling: self-awareness, clarity, freedom of expression, ideas, memories, true passions for what you want out of life and for your future.

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