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In the news…Couple launches new financial planning company in Geneva

‘Lenity means kindness and gentleness’

Published: Tuesday, March 14, 2017 7:30 a.m. CDT

GENEVA – For financial advisers Mark and Lisa Bova, it is not just about the money, but also about inspiring clients to find a deeper meaning in their financial planning.

After decades working for other financial planning and investment companies, the Blackberry Township couple started their own company last August, Lenity Financial Inc., located at 25 N. River Lane, Suite 1157, Geneva, to be able to offer the additional services of compassion and analytical research to the table.

“In 2009, we began writing a business plan,” Mark Bova, 46, said.

And then the Great Recession happened, Lisa Bova, 52, said.

“And we looked around, and we were shocked at the lack of access to good advice out there – and there was a better way,” Lisa Bova said. “At the time, we stopped short because of our clients. It was best for us to remain where we were.”


Fast forward to 2012, when Lisa Bova left Merrill Lynch for health reasons.

“I did not know what was wrong, but I had several different doctors tell me if I kept going the way I was, I would be on disability and not able to continue,” Lisa Bova said.

After a two-week “vacation” at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota, Lisa Bova said she finally got a diagnosis of three autoimmune disorders and began addressing her health issues.

“One of the reasons I ended up in poor health was I was not taking time for myself,” Lisa Bova said. “I worked and took care of the family. I had two young kids. … There was no time for me. … If you are not kind to yourself, your health is going to fail, and that’s going to translate into your financial situation.”


Then Mark Bova said he left Guggenheim Partners in 2015.

“We were able to dust off that business plan we had completed in 2009 and pick up where we had left off,” Mark Bova said.

His wife was feeling better and able to work again – but this time, for themselves – incorporating their knowledge of financial planning with self-care for their clients.

“Lenity means kindness and gentleness,” Lisa Bova said. “Beyond advising in financial matters, we try to educate our clients to be kinder and gentler with themselves.”

While clients can still just present their finances and seek planning advice, the Bovas offer the extra help for those who seek it.

The company offers journals for clients to document their dreams and goals and an online blog about health and wellness.

“We listen well,” Lisa Bova said. “Part of what we do is listen to what clients are telling us.”

The journals – which are leather-bound and hand-stitched – is a way for clients to capture some of the things that are important to them so it can be shared with others, the Bovas said.

“We look at it as a legacy planning tool. It’s not a traditional asset, like stocks, bonds, cash and real estate,” Mark Bova said. “This is a natural extension of what we do as it pertains to financial planning and asset management.”

The journal would be a way for clients to document what they are passionate about for their children and heirs, Lisa Bova said.

All of their clients get a journal, but it is also available for sale by visiting their website, lenityfinancial.com, where more information is available as well.

More information is also available by calling the Bovas at 630-948-3330.