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A invitation to think differently…

Some eagerly anticipate the excitement of the opening day of their favorite sporting event. For others, it’s the sound and smell of a new book, pages crisp, clean and words jumping off the page. While for others, it’s the first invigorating run of the year on a cold January morning. Maybe it’s something completely different for you, yet you get the point. It’s the excitement of the beginning of that “something” you’ve been looking forward to!

And, yes, you want to know “who dunnit,” or who wins the game, but you enjoy the journey. You look forward to the moments the game will offer before you know the outcome. And with that page turner, the characters and twists and turns of the plot are anxiously awaited. The run may begin stiff and a bit painful yet with each step the adrenaline flows and just may kick-in enough to dull the aches and soften the joints.

The upsets just make it more invigorating and gets your blood flowing and creative juices going. There could be an upset due to bad play or ref call, a disappointment by a turn the book’s author takes with a plot or character. Even on a run, you might find a joint or muscle aching in the midst that slows your roll or that you must work through.

Well, we ask you to begin 2018 thinking of your own personal financial planning and financial wellness as if it’s a hobby, event, or “thing to do.” Approach it with an eye for adventure. (Hang on. Hear us out…) In the past, you probably viewed it as a difficult task. You may have sat down to attempt it but realized that the dog had to be taken out, your nails weren’t yet dry, you had to finish flossing your teeth first, or cleaning out the basement, or…just about anything else.

Start by realizing the following…A goal without a plan is just a wish.

You could wish you had the new bestseller, or that you could watch opening day, but it’s important to you, and so you make it happen.

I‘m sure that you have dreams and goals that are important to you too. That’s the first page, the first at-bat, the first step. If you know where you’re headed dream-wise and goal-wise, you’ll have an easier time making the decisions along the way. Planning also gives you peace of mind and more control over your future and allows you to focus in on your purposes in life.

You’ve already got some goals, now you need to undertake the journey. If we approach our goal of financial wellness more like our hobby, at least in the beginning, we just may find it fun and less overwhelming. Keeping in mind that the outcome can help us to realize our dreams and goals. Creating a financial plan will give you clarity in decision-making and set you off on an excursion that can be just as satisfying as your hobbies.

With all of this in mind, we extend the invitation to you to begin today to think differently about your financial wellness and planning. Approach it seriously, yet, as you would any hobby or interest, with an open mind, excitement during the journey and positive anticipation for what’s to come…